The Pressbox Powertrip

Money is great. But, will money alone solve the issues of overspending and decreased revenues that have gotten the Rhinos in the financial state that they are in today? Not by a long shot.

What the Rhinos need is to heal the broken relationships that have been created by the many poor choices that have been made since the club left Frontier Field and moved into PAETEC Park.

All the small businesses that sponsored the Rhinos during the glory years at Frontier who were turned away by the marketing company the Rhinos hired once they moved into PAETEC Park need someone that they trust talk them back into sponsoring the team again, even if it's merely barter deals that save the team a few thousand here and a few thousand there.

Goodness knows that when a team has an operating deficit of close to a million dollars per year, they need every last dollar they can get.

This club also needs someone who knows where every overexpenditure is. They need someone that can get real soccer people that will work for less because of their love of the game, instead of overpaying people that couldn't tell Bill Sedgewick from Bill Clinton.

This club needs someone that lives and dies for soccer and Rochester.

Hopefully this club gets everything that it so desperately needs. And soon.

That would be a fitting end to the story of Soccer Sam.

News & Notes:

-, The Deseret Morning News, and Big Apple are all reporting that Dema Kovalenko has been traded to Real Salt Lake. Dema was one of the players that were rumored to be on the trade block as the Red Bulls try and clear cap space for other moves. Kovalenko is truly one of the guys in MLS that people hate to play against and he certainly makes RSL better immediately.

- Steven Goff is hearing that Seattle will unveil it's MLS club's name and logo within the next couple of weeks. What about the Seattle Drews?

- looks at who has left MLS and who has come aboard. It really doesn't look that bad for the league. Especially if the South American imports continue to impress.

- So, Real Madrid won't be visiting the Red Bulls in 2008. But, Barcelona will. I like that Plan B.

- Two words that Houston fans didn't want to hear after DeRo's name: hamstring injury.

- I like the Kansas City Wizards new look.

- Maurice Edu got under Blanco's skin during a pre-season match. He should have gotten Man of the Match just for that!

- Who knew there are so many oldtimers in MLS?

- Former Rhinos David Hayes has re-signed in Atlanta.

- We were trying to get Dan Williams on the show tomorrow. However, he may go underground until the deal gets done. So, we may have to settle for his silent partner. Although, Devo is trying to make him an offer he can't refuse.

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