SNDJeff has a really good piece on Pat Ercoli's transition into the radio booth today.

I was excited about the news that Pat would join Joe in the broadcast booth and the duo has done very well this season. But that was to be expected given how well they both know the game.

News & Notes:

- Portland will be without defender Cameron Knowles when they come to town tomorrow night. But, their 21 game unbeaten streak will be alive and well.

- Apparently Landon Donovan has tested positive for the H1N1 (aka Swine) flu virus per Grant Wahl at

I love all the Landon haters saying that this is a bogus spin job because Landon didn't play well on Wednesday afternoon.

Personally, it helps explain why he lost the foot race on the game winning goal.

- Is it me, or is that not a picture of Julian Baudet?

- Julian James has been traded for the second time this season. This time he's headed from Houston to DC.

- DC's We Win Trophies tour is in full swing. I wonder how many people they will get to come out to the Open Cup final versus Seattle?

- Brian Straus has a great piece on how tough Azteca was on the media.

- NY is going from worse to worst. I still can't believe that Osorio and/or Agoos haven't been replaced yet.

- Beckham believes that he will return to AC Milan this winter.

- MLS Talk has a piece up about how it has been a great summer for Soccer United Marketing.

- If you like outtakes, check out the RevsTV blooper reel.

- Rex is headed to Portugal?

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