Sick- The Rhinos are tied for 3rd with Vancouver (although the Whitecaps have 3games in hand over the Rhinos).

This season is so crazy that the Rhinos are 6 point behind Charleston for 1st and 4 points ahead of Miami FC and Carolina who are tied for 8th.

- Steve Guppy was told to leave the bench area in the 2nd half and it was listed as an ejection on the match report last night versus Minnesota. But, since he was subbed out at half time, Darren Tilley told Jeff that Steve should be available against Montreal on Friday night.

- The Rhinos got the game winning goal in each of their last two games from a player going up against their former team. I guess that means that Salles or Ze Roberto are the odds on favorites to get the game winner on Friday.

- All five MLS matches last week were ties. Sam needs to break out his Shootout shirt!

- Greg Lalas at followed up his American Soccer Fan's Bill of Rights with an artile about The US Fan's Bill of Responsibilities. It's some more good stuff.

- Steven Goff has his The Good, The Bad, and The Coyote Ugly up.

- Check out this Steven Goff blog posting about what happened when the Western Mass Pioneers visited Crystal Palace Baltimore.


- I wonder what will happen when West Ham fans head to BMO Field on Thursday night?

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