$$$$$$$$$$$London's Daily Telegraph is reporting that the US Soccer Federation is willing to offer German National Team Coach Jurgen Klinsmann a little under $3 million per year to replace Bruce Arena. This would be a huge move financially for US Soccer are Arena is currently making around $1 million per year as the US Men's National Team Manager.

Personally, I'd love the move. Like a lot of other people with an opinion on where US Soccer needs to go with regards to the manager position after the disappointment of this World Cup, I believe that Klinsmann would be a great choice to replace the best manager that US Soccer has had to date.

I like Klinsmann for a few reasons. I love his attack minded view on how to play the game. I like the fact that he wasn't afraid to go with younger players. I like the fact that he isn't afraid to shake away from conventional wisdom and to do new and inventive things. I like the fact that he lives in Southern California and that he likely has a better handle on the American player than most coaches with a European or South American pedigree.

The one thing I don't like is that this rumor is coming out before Klinsmann's deal with the German Federation is up and could open the US up to tampering charges.

As the Red Bulls turn


The Youri Djorkaeff skipping off to Germany to watch France in the World Cup story gets even better!

In 2001, Djorkaeff reportedly left the scene of an auto accident in Kaiserslautern. And apparently he was arrested and detained for questioning about the incident prior to the France-Brazil quarterfinal match up.

It doesn't appear that this issue will cause Djorkaeff to miss any more time than the World Cup and tending to his ailing mother will. But, could this story get any stranger?

I can't wait to see what the Red Bulls opt to do to Djorkaeff when he gets back to the US. Will he have to bring Zidane with him to avoid a fine or suspension?

Shaka's headed to Pizza Hut Park

Dallas Morning News

Trinidad & Tobago goalkeeper and World Cup hero Shaka Hislop has signed on to join FC Dallas of MLS. Following in the fine tradition of other veteran players, I've seen Hislop's age reported at 37 and 38. So my guess is that the guy is at least 40 years old.

But hey, being 40+ hasn't slowed Pat Onstad down, right?

It's nice to see MLS grab one of the feel good stories of this World Cup. Now if the Red Bulls can land one of the guys on their wish list, then I'll really be impressed.

Stop the presses, Toronto won a game

Not only did the Toronto Lynx win a game on Wednesday, their first of the season, but they were able to defeat the Vancouver Whitecaps. In case you haven't been watching the USL 1st Division standings lately, the Lynx are entrenched at the bottom of the table and Vancouver is at the top of the table. Although, Vancouver is at the top of the table largely due to the fact that they've played six more games than Montreal and four more games than Rochester.

Given how tight the race for the playoffs is in the USL 1st Division this season, this loss could come back to haunt Vancouver big time. Whether it's a fight for a first round bye or the choice of which match to host in the first round, those three points could make all the difference in the world come the end of the season.

Vancouver at Montreal on Fox Soccer Channel

At 8pm this evening, the Fox Soccer Channel USL Game of the Week will feature the Vancouver Whitecaps and the Montreal Impact.

It will be interesting to see how Vancouver rebounds from their embarrassing defeat at the hands of the Lynx on Wednesday as they take on arguably the best team in the league in Montreal.

Vancouver has a lot of history going against them in this matchup as Montreal is 6-0-2 in their last eight versus the Whitecaps. Also, Vancouver has a 1-4-4 road record this season and Montreal hasn't allowed a goal in almost 4 games.

I hate Montreal as much as the next Rhinos fan, but I can't see Vancouver even getting a point out of this one.

Once in a Lifetime opens in NY City today

ESPN.com has a nice piece on the Cosmos to line up with the NY City premier of the documentary "Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos".

I can't wait to see it. But, I have yet to see a single theatre in Rochester that has it listed amongst it's Coming Attractions. The movie is slated for wide release next Friday, July 14th and it would be a shame if Rochester was a city that didn't get the movie on at least a few screens.

The worst case scenario is that soccer fans in Rochester would have to wait until October when ESPN will air the documentary. Hopefully they'll have the widescreen format on ESPNHD!

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