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Devo & Scott Vallow Blog Chat

We are two days out, the Rhinos are talking up some pretty cool $19.99 promotions , the forecast is looking pretty good, and Montreal lost in Vancouver last night.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Hopefully there is a nice 10,000+ crowd on hand and the joint is jumping!

Release the Hounds!

US Open

The Rhinos will host the USL 2nd Division Pittsburgh Riverhounds on Tuesday June 9th.

Should they win that game, they would face the winner of St. Louis Lions (PDL) at Cleveland City Stars (USL1) on June 16th.

The 8 qualified MLS squads enter the tournament in the 3rd round on June 30th.

The crazy part of the US Open Cup schedule is that the semifinals are on July 21 and 22 and the final isn't until September 2.

News & Notes:

- You may not want to bring up the Open Cup to Colorado head coach Gary Smith right now.

-  and the Philadelphia Examiner are expecting Peter Nowak to be the first coach of the Philadelphia Union.

- The mixed bag of news out of Portland continues with this blog post stating that the baseball stadium deal would cause a net job loss, while one fan asks them to copy Montreal. I don't want to burst that guy's bubble, but I really doubt that what happened in Montreal is scalable to the situation in Portland.

- The Red Bulls have announced suite and club seat prices for Red Bull Arena. Suites will run in the $65k to $75k range and club seats will be $3k a pop. If that's what it costs to go to MLS games, I can't see Rochester paying that kind of freight.

- The USWNT Blog is already looking forward to the game here in Rochester.

- Thankfully, my younger son seems to be left footed!

- Real Madrid is coming to the US to play DC United and a team to be named later (likely Toronto).

- Who would have thought that Sir Alex would get outcoached yesterday? Not I.

- No Rhinos were named to the USL-1 Team of the Week. But, two former Rhinos (Frankie Sanfilippo and Patrick Hannigan) were.

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