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So the Juan Carlos Osorio to New York drama has finally played out with yesterday's press conference to announce the 11th head coach in the history of the MetroStars/Red Bulls history.

Apparently New York has given up their 2008 1st round pick, their 3rd round pick in 2011, and cash to pry Osorio away from the Chicago Fire.

Osorio has a history with the club as he was an assistant with the MetroStars earlier in his career. And he obviously had some pretty good success with Chicago last season.

Now the question is can he win at a club that always seems to have expectations that they have never really achieved............

Other News & Notes:

- Soccer by Ives is saying that both John Spencer and Paul Mariner have interviewed for the Chicago Fire job. I think either guy would be a solid hire. But, I think Mariner is a guy that will be a success whenever he gets a head coaching job. He would be my guy if I were calling the shots in Chicago.

- MLS has unveiled their competition guidelines and schedule for 2008. And here is Steven Goff's take on the news. I can't say that the continued grandfathering of the Donovan, Johnson, and Ruiz contracts is surprising. But, I do think it makes MLS look bad.

- A media member with a positive article about a soccer stadium project? Is that legal?

- If Miami gets another kick at the MLS can , it will be a joke. There are about 20 or so markets that I'd put a pro soccer team ahead of Miami. And it's not just soccer, Miami is a pretty bad sports town in general outside of hosting big events like the Super Bowl.

- Are stories like this one examples of soccer really growing up in this country? I think so.

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