SandersDevo's Direct Kicks

Jeff is reporting that new Rhinos forward Chris Sanders has torn his ACL at practice this week.

Given what he had shown through pre-season, I doubt that if Sanders is done for the year that the team will miss him on the field much. The issue now is more about budget space as the Rhinos will likely be on the hook for Sanders' 2009 salary and that may make it tough for the team to go out on the open market and get a target forward to replace him.

But, this could make Matthew Delicate even more attractive near the roster freeze date......

News & Notes:

- Apparently MLS Mania has been slow to develop in Portland.  Given the stadium funding issues as well, I wonder how long it is before the rumors start surfacing that St. Louis or Montreal will fill in for them, kind of like the rumors that Montreal was going to replace Philly as the 2010 expansion team?

- The Washington Business Journal is saying that there might be another landing spot for DC United's stadium dreams.....While some wonder if they'll ever leave RFK.

- Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo is on a list of 70 potential World Cup venues put out by US Soccer. I wish The Ralph had natural grass to attract a potential USMNT match.

- I guess the Rhinos losses in the $1 million range aren't that bad after all......

- People are wondering how long Jurgen Klinsmann will be with Bayern Munich after they were pasted 4-0 by Barca in the Champions League yesterday.

- Someone takes a swipe at Joey Saputo.

- FC NY's owner is already meeting with potential supporters of his new club. 

- I wonder if Bruce Arena will poo poo this rumored LA signing as well?

- Apparently the Jeff Parke to Vancouver deal isn't that great for the team. He still has to sit out the remainder of his MLS suspension and he can leave in June for a job in Europe.

- Here is an interesting view of MLS from across the pond.

- Andrea Canales has a nice piece on WPS at

- Hopefully this means that there is some positive movement for a stadium in San Jose.

- Osorio would be open to coaching the USMNT? Well, the current coach had stops in Chicago and NY on his resume......

- Pepsi and Soccer United Marketing have a new multi-year partnership.

- Miami FC have made some "name" signings with Diego Serna, Facundo Erpen, and returning midfielder Leo Inacio Nunes. It will be interesting to see how much Serna has left in the tank and whether Miami can get 2008 leading scorer Alex Afonso back in the fold.

- Bayern Munich's poor defending wasn't limited to last evening. Check out the sick goal that Wolfsburg's Grafitescored on them as well.

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