Devo's Direct Kicks



A few more results like that and the Rhinos may start calling Saputo Stadium their home away from home.

It may also revive a rivalry that somemay have thought was on life support.

Jeff has all sorts of cool tidbits in his blog entry from yesterday about how the Rhinos have struggled over the years in Montreal during the regular season.

But, with the move to the brand spanking new stadium, perhaps the ghosts that have haunted the Rhinos in Montreal didn't get relocated.

Luke Kreamalmayer and Matthew Delicate supplied the goals to give the Rhinos a commanding 2-0 lead at the half and then Roberto Brown got sent off early in the second half for elbowing Andrew Gregor in the head in frustration after going to ground and not getting a foul called on the Rhinos.

About the only bad news is that Johnny Menyongar, the reigning USL 1st Division Player of the Week, had to leave the game in the second half with an apparent ankle injury.

With Ze Roberto already on the shelf for a few more weeks, one would hope that the week the Rhinos have before hosting Atlanta on Sunday will give Johnny plenty of time to heal.

So with the four points over the weekend, the Rhinos are again tied with Vancouver for third place in the USL 1st Division standings. Although, Vancouver does have three games in hand over Rochester.

News & Notes:

- The USWNT blog is up and running so that you can get all sorts of updates about the goings on in China.

- It what may have been Kenny Cooper's last match with FC Dallas, he scored two goals and added an assist as FC Dallas demolished LA 4-0 yesterday. With rumors that Juan Toja is also on his way out of Dallas, they have some serious work to do down the stretch of the MLS season.

- Steven Goff's The Good, The Bad, and The Coyote Ugly is up. And the USL 2nd Division's Real Maryland makes the Coyote Ugly list for losing 6-0 to the Richmond Kickers.

- Luis Arroyave has a post breaking down the rumored deal that would get Brian McBride to Chicago. I have a feeling that a Blanco-McBride combo will be keeping many MLS defenders and goalkeepers up at nights.

- Apparently the signing over the US national anthem by Toronto FC fans before the MLS All-Star Game on Thursday night is being blamed on a surprise gone bad.

It will be interesting to see what happens should Toronto FC make the playoffs and the US anthem is played at BMO Field then.........

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