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Brent Sancho and Tiger Fitzpatrick were named to the USL 1st Division Team of the Week for their work in the Rhinos 2-1 win in Montreal on Saturday afternoon.

Chad Severs was once again named to the 2nd Division TOTW. He is currently tied for the league lead with 4 goals so far this season for Harrisburg.

News & Notes:

- If you want an in depth breakdown of the Philadelphia Union logo and what it means, check this out.

- The fans in Philadelphia looked happy yesterday.

- Tim Howard has set the Everton club record for shutouts in a season.

- Mac Kandji was named the MLS Player of the Week this week.

- MLS is looking to promote core fan marketing practices. Basically, they want to get best practices from the more successful clubs and share them with the less fortunate.

- Puerto Rico is one win away from again qualifying for the CONCACAF Champions League.

- It looks like MLS is loosening some of the academy rules and the Red Bulls seem to like the changes.

- Speaking of T&T, Chris Birchall is close to joining LA and Cornell Glenn is training with San Jose.

- Apparently Joey Saputo is talking big about Montreal moving to MLS.  It will all come down to whether they show MLS the money or not.

- I wonder if the financial health of the league will become more public real soon?

- Ambo is a go-to player for the Rhinos? To me, it says a lot about the depth of this team offensively when an outsider thinks that Mike is a go-to guy. 

- Ridge Mahoney says that the Galaxy are set for a revival at SI.com. I'm betting that the Beckham circus derails that course.

- Apparently the Japanese Women's National Team is afraid to come to the US due to the Swine Flu Epidemic.

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