AmboThe Rhinos announced the signings of Mike Ambersley and Nano Short today to bring the number of players under contract to 19.

The word I'm getting is that the team will stick with the 19 player roster for a while as opposed to signing another player right now.

Here is the positional breakdown:

Forward (5) - Johnny Menyongar, Andrew Lorei, Mauricio Salles (foreigner), Chris Sanders, and Tai Atieno (foreigner)

Midfield (7) - Tiger Fitzpatrick, Andrew Gregor, Ze Roberto (getting a green card), Chris Nurse (foreigner), Mike Ambersley, Danny Earls (foreigner), and Ryna Heins

Defenders (5) - Kwame Sarkodie, John Ball, Kenney Bertz, Brent Sancho, and Nano Short (foreigner)

Goalkeepers (2) - Scott Vallow and Tim Melia

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