Palguta The Rhinos announced today that Scott Palguta and Ryan Heins have been re-signed to two year deals and John Ball has been re-signed to a one year deal.

With Kenney Bertz previously under contract, the Rhinos appear to really only be in the market for a starting left back now.

The most interesting deal is Palguta's in that it would appear that he has given up a shot at moving to MLS for a couple of more seasons in Rochester.

I wonder if this means that Ross Smith is out of the Rhinos plans for 2009?

Regardless, these three signings are good news as the Rhinos hadn't made any noise since they re-signed Menyongar right at the end of the season. 

News & Notes:

- Vancouver may be reconsidering paying the full asking price from MLS for an expansion team.......

- USL Montreal announced yesterday that they have re-signed Sandro Grande, Felix Brillant, and Cédric Joqueviel.

- Amos Magee has joined the Portland Timbers staff as the club's director of soccer development and an assistant coach.

- Joe Cannon could be headed overseas after San Jose opts not to pick up his $225,000 option for 2009.

- I wonder if Andrew Jacobson is a guy that the Rhinos would think about rollign the dice on?

- Tony Sanneh is training with the Chicago Storm. I wonder if he'll be playing for Minnesota in 2009?

- San Jose's downsized stadium plan now calls for a 15,000 seat venue (with no suites) that could be expanded to 18,000 seats. So much for a 20,000 seat stadium being a requirement.

- Apparently the Beckham buzz has subsided not only stateside, but in New Zealand as well.

- Andrea Canales has her farewell piece on Ivan Gazidis on

- Jeff Bradley has his year end wrap up in his First XI at this week.

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