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The Rochester Rhinos were able to raise $3461 for the Virginia Tech Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund by auctioning off the autographed, game worn jerseys and warmup jackets from last Friday's home opener versus the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Scott Palguta's jersey was the leader as it was sold for $261. Coming in at a close second was the jersey of injured captain Scott Vallow at $250.

Jason Perry and Ryan Wileman visit the Monroe County Children's Center


Stories like this one often happen without getting the type of publicity that they deserve. And it's nice to see last year's Community Service Award Winner, Jason Perry, helping to get the next generation of Rhinos players involved in community service.

Hopefully there are plenty of more stories like this one coming out of Rhinos camp as the season moves along.

San Diego and Las Vegas popping up as potential MLS expansion sites

Groups in San Diego and Las Vegas are the latest to join the mix of cities that are looking to fill the three expansion slots in MLS's plan to expand to 16 teams by 2010.

One interesting tidbit is that in the Vegas article, it says that the price that Toronto FC paid to enter MLS was merely $10 million. That's a far cry from the reported $30 million cost that has been thrown around of late.

Kevin McGeehan at US Soccer Players.com looks at the potential for Seattle or Portland to enter MLS. He compares Californian developer Michael Keston's lack of knowledge of the two markets he's looking at to some of the issues that Dave Checketts has deal with in Salt Lake City, Utah as the owner of Real Salt Lake.

Speaking of Real Salt Lake, there is some news about the new RSL Academy that they are working on building, along with their stadium.

A big reason why MLS is becoming more popular for investors

Soccer America.com has an article on Soccer United Marketing and how SUM has turned into a very profitable venture for MLS owners. SUM has become a big reason why the resale value of MLS clubs has increased despite huge increases in the actual profitability of the teams themselves.

Through TV rights and running US tours of European megaclubs, such as last year's visit by Ronaldinho and Barcelona, SUM has become a big moneymaker for MLS.

MLS News & Notes

- Steven Goff reveals that defender Bartosz Bosacki is the Plish player that DC United is in hot pursuit of. I wonder if that puts Facundo Erpen's future with the club in serious doubt?

- Toronto FC head coach Mo Johnston got a little upset when Chicago Fire head coach Dave Sarachan said that he'd rather not have his team play on turf for three straight games. While Mo told the Fire to worry about their own attendance, I'd suggest to Mo that he worry about getting his team on the scoreboard and into the win column.

- The New York Red Bulls are again on top of Ryan Hunt's Power Rankings. And with Juan Pablo Angel in the fold, you have to like the chances that Bruce Arena's squad will be there for a while. As a DC fan, this is tough to take, even if I expected Bruce, Harkes, and company to be successful..........

- Fox Soccer.com & Yanks Abroad are both reporting that Borussia Mönchengladbach general manager Christian Ziege has announced that US netminder Kasey Keller will not be offered a new deal for next season. I wonder if anyone within the Real Salt Lake organization realizes this?

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