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While this game doesn't mean anything for the most part and the losing side will spin things their way, it's always fun to think about giant killing whenever the Rhinos talk on an MLS team.

What I'm more interested in is will anyone step up and lay claim to the central midfielding jobs and is there chemistry amongst the forwards. We should expect that the backline will be solid with 3 of 4 starters returning, along with two key reserves. And with team MVP Scott Vallow in goal, there certainly aren't any questions there.

But given the inconsistent offensive production last season, along with the hole at defensive midfield, one would hope that there would be more questions than answers coming out of the two games in Puerto Rico, along with the two games in Florida versus Miami FC and Montreal.

SOS - Mariners need help!

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There have been rumors all offseason that the Virginia Beach Mariners may not be back in 2007. But, when the USL released the 2007 USL 1st Division schedule, the Mariners were in. So, many thought that the worst had passed.

As ESPN analyst Lee Corso likes to say, "Not so fast, my friend!"

Apparently the Mariners coaches and players did not get their first scheduled pay checks for 2007 and the owner is cutting ties to the team. This is far from the first time that the Mariners have had issues with owners and losing money. But, it's going to be very interesting to see how the USL deals with the current situation given that the regular season less than one month away.

Blue.....is glorious??????????????

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That's what the e-mail I received from US Soccer said in trumpeting the new USMNT third jersey for 2007.

Then I saw the picture. The blue with white pinstripes jersey looks hideous to me. I can only hope that they look better on TV than on my computer screen.

Ives Galarcep channels David Letterman

Soccer By Ives

Ives obviously had too much time on his hands, so he came up with a Top 10 list around what the Red Bulls would be announcing at yesterday's press conference.

I got a good laugh out of it.

Joseph's agent takes time to talk to Soccer America

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Ron Waxman's media tour had him talking to Soccer America about how New England midfielder Shalrie Joseph was getting worked over by the Revs.

I wonder how long it will take him to get around to ask about coming on Kick This! to get the word out that Joseph wants to be traded?

Ridge Mahoney on the two new maestros in MLS and the two that are on the move this offseason

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This is a good article about Claudio Reyna and David Beckham coming to MLS and Freddy Adu and Amado Guevera moving west.

Of the four, you would think that Guevara may the surest thing in the group. He is a former MLS MVP after all. The downside with Amado is that he can flake out mentally at the drop of a hat.

The big question with Reyna is can he stay healthy? The big questions with Adu are will he be ready to be "The Man" and how will his stint at the U-20 World Cup affect his play for Real Salt Lake. And the biggest question of all is how will David Beckham handle the move to central attacking midfield should LA coach Frank Yallop stick to his plan to move him inside from his natural right wing spot?

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