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Devo's Direct Kicks


Devo isn't happy about the ticket prices.

Andrew Gregor has openly talked about not wanting anything to do with the referees in Puerto Rico.

It will be interesting to see how things play out. You can bet that Coach Tilley will be glued to Fox Soccer Channel tonight starting at 8pm when the Islanders host Saprissa in a CONCACAF Champions League tilt.

Although, who knows how many of the Islanders that play tonight will be in the starting 11 or in the 18 on Thursday night.

And from the world of Facebook, Rhinos MF Chris Nurse is disappointed as he feels good to go this week, but the team doctor is holding him out of this playoff round.

News & Notes:

- Abby Wambach has a new addition to her family.

- Andrew and Joe had Miami FC president Aaron Davidson on their show last evening to talk about the TOA. The main theme was that Traffic wants a league that is owned and controlled by the owners. Although, I got a laugh when they talked about how they wanted the league commissioner to stand next to them at a press conference when MLS was flirting with Barcelona about a team in Miami. Like Barca would be scared by Tim Holt or Chris Economides.....

- Apparently the German federation was holding up the Jermaine Jones paperwork.....

- The reactions to the San Jose stadium announcement over the weekend have been varied from calling it pie in the sky to stadium p0rn to something that might surprise you .

- Who knew that The Simpsons were members of the Timbers Army?

- Andrea Canales looks back at the MLS Reserve League and Ridge Mahoney looks back at Darren Huckerby's time in MLS at

- US Soccer Daily looks at the rise of Houston's Stuart Holden.

- The big MLS rumor of the last few days is whether the salary cap is going to go up to around $4 million per team. That would appear to give MLS teams the cap space to poach some more top level players from the USL.

- The Pitch Invasion has a look at the whole MLS salary/CBA debate.

- Samuel Eto'o says SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!!

- Steve Nash was hanging with Hasheem Thabeet in Vancouver.

- Various flavors of ESPN will have all of the U-20 World Cup games from Egypt per

- The Rhinos are the only ones in North America that are down on officiating.

- Heck, Man City fans aren't too happy with the refs this week, either.

- Could more clubs besides Chelsea be in big trouble?

- John Wolyniec gets POTW and GOTW honors in MLS.

- US has Part 1 of the behidn the scenes with Jonathan Spector up. Good stuff!

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