The Rhinos have signed English defender Darren Kenton to a one year deal.

Kenton has played in the central part of midfield and at right back in his career.  

It will be interesting to see if this pushes John Ball back into a right outside midfield spot or if he'll be a depth guy that can step in at a variety of spots if the need arises.

Sancho named assistant coach


The Rhinos looked in-house when it filled it's open player-assistant coach spot by giving the job to new defender Brent Sancho.

It's interesting that they went this route since Sancho has been on board for a while and they just gave him the job this week.

News & Notes:

- The Rhinos are holding an Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at 11am after training is complete.

- The Washington Post,  Soccer, Soccer Insider Blog, and MLS Daily are all over MLS Commish Don Garber's comments about what the future of DC United is with the latest stadium deal falling apart.

I'm not buying that DC United is close to moving out of the region, like to say St. Louis. This is the same strategy that Garber and company used to get stadium deals done in other markets, most notably the Dallas Burn flirtation with Rochester before Pizza Hut Park became a reality.

- MLS Daily even has a piece saying why DC United moving would be bad for the fans of other teams. 

- Check out The Cooper Test video here. Funny stuff.

- Someone is playing hard ball in Portland with regards to the plan to get an MLS stadium built.

- Meanwhile, Paulson is saying that moving to MLS will create 300 or so jobs.

- Could BC Place, the home to Vancouver's future MLS team, be losing it's retractable roof?

- Jeff Parke has 4 games left on his 10 game MLS suspension. So, he won't be eligible to play until the Whitecaps travel to Minnesota on May 2nd.

- Carolina's president wrote an open letter to their fans.

- USL has Part I of it's USL 1st Division season preview up along with match previews for Carolina-Minnesota and Charleston-Vancouver.

- Maybe Jozy Altidore needs to mix in a steak?

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