I, and likely many people in Rochester, have received a few emails recently about a 30% sale to clear out Rhinos team merchandise.

Now I'm sure that this has happened in the past and the team is still around. But, should this be something that concerns fans given the bad season on the field?

I haven't heard any rumors that the team is in trouble and might not be around. But, concerns about the teams' future given the less than stellar results on the field and the far less than capacity crowds, and it's not too far fetched to think that the team that burst on the scene in 1996 could have a fuzzy future.

Or maybe it's that they are changing leagues or changing companies that make stuff, or a whole host of other possibilities...

Randomness of the day:

- If NYCFC's stadium does look like this.... 

Juan Agudelo looks to be headed to Stoke City. 

Clint Dempsey hasn't sat down with USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsman yet to talk about his move to Seattle. Oh to be a fly on the wall.... 

- Could Landon Donovan be headed back to Europe after his MLS contract expires in December? 

FC KC took their top of the table showdown with Portland over the weekend. 

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