weekendI need to run, so here is today's run down of what's going down:

- The Rhinos will host Columbus on June 30th in the 3rd round of the Open Cup should they win on Tuesday at home versus Cleveland.

- ESPN has unveiled their plans for the Confed Cup.

- Jermaine Jones may soon be teaming up with Michael Bradley in the central midfield of the USMNT.

- I want the Boots Fairy to come to my house!

- It's too bad it's up against Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals as Austin-Puerto Rico is an interesting match up.

- Greg Sutton makes me laugh.

- Former Montreal midfielder Antonio Riberio appears on the verge of signing with San Jose.

- The USL got screwed by the CONCACAF Champions League draw as Puerto Rico and Vancouver (should Toronto not win by 4 goals in their final Canada Cup match...) will face each other off the hop.

- WPS is getting more games on TV.

- Will Real Madrid's record bid for Ronaldo cause havoc?

- Yeah, Project 2010 doesn't appear to be on schedule to meet all it's goals......

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