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So much for Darren Tilley's negative tactics during USL 1st Division league play.

After the weather delay on Saturday night, the Rhinos came out in a 4-3-3 formation and took care of business against the last place Cleveland City Stars with a final score of 4-1.

The one tweak I'd look at is having one target guy in the middle of the forward trio and having Menyongar and another "speed" guy ala Ambersley or Heins. Ukah and Atieno struggled at time linking back on the outside.

And other than Menyongar taking a knock and having to leave the game early in the second half and Scott Vallow losing his clean sheet on a late PK call, it was all good.

News & Notes:

- Next up for the Rhinos: The Vancouver Whitecaps. I can't believe the defending champs are in 8th place.

- I don't want to even talk about the Gold Cup Final.

- Looking ahead to August 12th, I hope Michael Lewis is right.

- Pat Onstad is out of the MLS All Star Game. 

- While Livorno may not be real close to landing Landon Donovan, there are reports that Ricardo Clark is close to making the jump to Serie A.

- Here is an interesting nugget from Steve Davis about how MLS reporters can get a referee to answer up to 3 questions about a questionable call. I wonder if the USL does this?

- If you are a soccer fan on Twitter, this list of links is for you.

- I love Beckham's response to some taunts he took in KC over the weekend.

- US, Mexico, and symbiotic relationship all in the same article? I think I need to take a shower....

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