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So, the people that run various websites, including MLSNet.com, have let the logo for the Philadelphia MLS club slip out ahead of next week's announcement.

I think the logo is cool and the colors (navy and gold) work for me. But, the "Union" name makes me go bleh.

And if they do go by "Union FC", it will annoy me all the more.

I mean, the league they will play in is MLS and not MLF, right?

News & Notes:

- Devo has his debut "Reverse Blog" up. The whole MLS thing comes down to whether there is an investor with $50 to 60 million to put into the effort to get the team to MLS and if MLS would even be interested in Rochester joining the league. I'm not buying that attendance means anything as Toronto, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver are all in the MLS club and none of those cities averaged 10,000 fans per USL game. It has always been about the money and it will always be about the money.

- Abby was given a one game suspension for her foul that broke Daniela's leg.

- It must have been a poor week for this to be the Goal of the Week......

- Barca will play LA, Seattle , and a third club this summer.

- Becks doesn't sound like he ever wants to pull on a Galaxy jersey again.....

- Palguta gets some love in this article about the Rapids re-worked back line.Meanwhile, the Rapids have added another defender in Rob Valentino in a trade with New England.

- Who knew that MLS had a Pub of the Week?

- MLS blew it by not adding Montreal? We shall see......

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