There are all sorts of issues with paying the operating expenses for Lucas Oil Field in Indianapolis home of the NFL's Colts.

And the City, which owns the stadium, is asking the Colts to kick in $5 million to help close the gap in their budget.

It just goes to show you that planning for the ongoing costs to keep up a stadium aren't always covered when people try and plan these things out.

I wouldn't be surprised if more teams find themselves in a similiar situation as governments across the country and having to deal with huge budget gaps due to the lost revenue caused by the globabl economic downturn.

News & Notes:

- With Friday's Rhinos game in Cleveland on Fox Soccer Channel, I'm surprised that the team hasn't set up a viewing party for the game. 

- Check out the replay of Devo's blog chat over at the D& And I'll get on tracking down Stephen Colbert and pitch him the idea of getting in on the stadium naming rights after my first Rhinos paycheck clears........

- Scott Vallow and Johnny Menyongar made the USL 1st Division Team of the Week. Also of note, former Rhinos Martin Nash and Noah Delgado were also named to the TOTW. In the 2nd Division, former Rhinos Chad Severs was named the Player of the Week and T-Bone Bonseu made the TOTW.

- MLS Talk takes a swing at former Toronto FC head coach John Carver.

- Everton is officially the opponent for the MLS All-Star game.

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