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The NY Red Bulls had two starting center backs that are very familiar to Rhinos fans when they took on the US U-17 Nats on Wednesday in Carlos Mendes and Scott Palguta.

Yup, the Rhinos defender is once again on trial with the Red Bulls. 

The Rhinos defense could start getting thinner by the minute if Palguta sticks with the Red Bulls.

The interesting twist could be the relationship that the Rhinos and Red Bulls are forming. I could see a scenario where Palguta is almost on a shuttle between Rochester and NY, kind of like what you see between Amerks and the Florida Panthers.

But we shall see.

Rob Clark has also mentioned that the Rhinos have a built in relationship with Colorado with the Steve Guppy tie in.

As always, stay tuned..........

News & Notes:

- The Rhinos have posted info about their 2009 intership program.

- The Buffalo Flash of the W-League have named their head coach and it's former Rhino Aaran "Kiwi" Lines. Kiwi is scheduled to join us on tomorrow's edition of Kick This! to talk about his new gig.

- Carolina has signed a midfielder with a nice looking resume in Marcelo Romero. It will be very interesting to see if he plays up to expectations.

- Cleveland has named former Portland assistant Rod Underwood as their new head coach replacing Martin Rennie who is with the RailHawks. I guess those Laurie Calloway to Cleveland rumors didn't come true.

- Bruce Arena has changed his tune in the whole Beckham affair. And I love the take that it won't be a distraction. I think that this could be the exact opposite as having Beckham on the Galaxy has been a huge distraction and not having him around could be easier to deal with than having him come back.

- Jonah Freedman at SI.com has a take on what LA and MLS should ask AC Milan for Beckham. I laughed so hard at #1 that numbers 2 & 3 sounded tame by comparison.

- I love how bad Beckham wants out of LA.

- Kyle McCarthy at Goal.com basically says good riddance to Beckham. And all his points are very valid.

- SBI.net is saying that Bobby Convey to San Jose has taken a huge step forward with Reading releasing Convey.

- Pia Sundhage has selected her Algarve Cup roster and as Devo expected, Abby isn't on it.

- The USWNT took time out recently to register with the National Bone Marrow Registry.

- Jeff Bradley's latest First XI looks at players that could bring some excitement to the pitch in 2009. No Landon. No Becks......

- I'm not digging the new NY Red Bull jerseys.

- Dolo-mite is out for Wednesday's WCQ versus Mexico with a hip injury.

- US Soccer and Nike wants fans to get their red out on Wednesday.

- Apparently Fulham did call the Fire about Brian McBride and the Fire weren't interested in loaning him out. Can't say that I blame them.

- This is an interesting story. Houston acquired Felix Garcia's rights from Toronto, but the 18 year old is saying that he is going to head back to high school before going pro.

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