The good news for Rhinos fans is that it looks like the Kleen Brite lot will get cleaned up in 2007 whether it's by owner Flex-Tech Industrial Park LLC or by the city who will then bill Flex-Tech. The fact that the Delco site will be razed in the next couple of months could also lead to more parking for PAETEC Park.

Vallow getting psyched up for the 2007 season

Rhinos Soccer.com

The Rhinos captain talks about the pre-season games versus the LA Galaxy and FC Dallas amongst other things in a nice interview at the Rhinos website.

Do we really have to wait two more months for the home opener?

Jimmy Conrad's new deal made official

KC Star.com

There aren't any specifics on the money end. Well, other than he got a nice raise over the $125,000 he was supposed to make in 2007.

Whatever the money is, Jimmy's a happy camper. And seeing how other players around the league have been getting yanked around lately, it's great to see both the team and the player work together to make something like this work out.

Real Salt Lake's stadium location approved

Deseret Morning News.com

But that doesn't stop local residents from whining about traffic and noise that they expect to invade their personal space once the stadium is up and running.

Personally, I've never been able to stand the "Not in my backyard" takes whenever they come up. Although, it's much worse when something like a youth soccer complex gets nixed because of it.

DC United hires Marco Etcheverry as a special consultant

DC United.com

Former playmaking maestro for DC United, Marco Etcheverry, has been hired by the club to serve as Special Consultant to the President. In his role, Marco will cover a wide range of duties from scouting to being a liaison to Latin American countries, and generally being an ambassador for the club.

It's always nice to see a club that helps retain relationships with the great players throughout their history to retain a real sense of tradition.

Montreal signs their second round pick and unveil new Puma kits

USL Soccer.com

Hey, if Montreal is going to get 2 stars above their team logo for their two league championships, then the Rhinos need to have two sets of kits. "USL" kits with three stars and "US Open Cup" kits with one star.

If only to remind Montreal that the Rhinos have the trophy case with more hardware.

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