It looks as if Jesus Padilla will not be coming to Rochester next month. The free internet translation I did was sketchy, but it sounds to me like Padilla hopes to one day play for El Tri, so he's taking a pass on the invite from US Soccer. There are rumors floating around that Padilla's Mexican club team Chivas has told him that he'd never play for the club again if he were to represent the US. Chivas has a history of being a "Mexican only" club, so while Padilla was born in Mexico, he likely wouldn't be "Mexican enough" for Chivas should he pull on a US jersey.

We are trying to get Adu and Altidore on Kick This! ahead of the US-Argentina game


However, this article and the initial response from US Soccer does not leave me with a warm, fuzzy feeling about the odds of the two name brand players on the US U-20 squad being made available to us.

It's a real double edge sword. They want to avoid over exposing players like Adu and Altidore. But, they need those two to move the needle as they are the guys that people know due to their early success in MLS. I hope we can get them on the show. But, I can understand why they wouldn't come on as well.

Could Rochester Native Jamil Walker get cut loose by DC United?

Steven Goff - Soccer Insider - Washington

In his latest Q&A, DC United beat writer Steven Goff had this to say about how new forward Nicholas Addlery could affect Jamil Walker:

Q: Is Addlery the first forward option off the bench (ahead of Walker)? Any inside scoop on these Zidane to MLS rumors?
A: Walker is sliding down the depth chart, in my opinion, and could be gone by the summer. Addlery appears to be a pure striker and would likely be the first scoring option off the bench. We'll see what happens Saturday. Zidane rumors come and go. (Materazzi to DC!)

If Jamil Walker were to become a free agent, that would present a unique situation for the Rhinos. They don't really need a small, speedy forward who's had a tough time finishing of late. But, they could use the buzz that a very talented local player could create.

I hope the Rhinos would sign Walker if it were possible. But, knowing how the team seems hellbent on pushing Matthew Delicate as a "Face of the Franchise", I'm not sure what the odds are of it happening.

Goddard back in the USL 1st Division

Roberts Wesleyan grad Richard Goddard is back in the USL 1st Division with the Vancouver Whitecaps. Goddard has played in 50 USL 1st Division games in his career with the Charlotte Eagles and Toronto Lynx.

Dell'Appa says MLS should go after Rossi

While I'm sure it would be a good move for MLS, but I'm of the opinion that if Rossi doesn't want to play for the US in international play, then forget him!

Besides, he'd probably force his way onto the Red Bulls and I don't want to see them get yet another quality scorer. It would be interesting to see the Revs go after Rossi in a Designated Player/Loan type situation. Rossi and Twellman up top would be a heck of a combination.

But, if you were to do things fairly, then Toronto FC would appear to be the team that should land the Parma striker. After getting outscored 9-0 in their first three matches in MLS, TFC can use all the help that they can get.

If it will cost $30 million for Philadelphia to land an MLS expansion team..........

What makes anyone think that MLS would cut Rochester a deal? Just because we have a half finished stadium?

Cool little piece of the week

American Soccer News

This article about being a press person covering a Red Bulls game at Giants Stadium was pretty cool. Just don't tell Devo about how nice the press box is there!

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