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Kick This! 12/12 Show Archive

The 24th Minute

We had a fun roundtable on Saturday's show with Brian Quarstad from Inside Minnesota and Kartik Krishnaiyer from The Kartik

Brian, Kartik, and Jeff all predicted that the US Soccer Federation will come out with a decision on sanctioning the NASL this week.

I was the buzzkill of the group. Given the USL's lawsuit against Tampa Bay, Crystal Palace Baltimore, and Rochester, I'm guessing that things will drag out into mid-January as things will likely shut down for a week or two over the Christmas/New Years timeframe.

With most of the parties involved (pretty much everyone but AC St Louis' Jeff Cooper) following US Soccer's edict to keep quiet, there likely won't be a lot of news until a decision is made.

So, all we can do is sit and wait......

News & Notes:

- Brian also a post up today about the future of pro soccer in the Twin Cities area.

- Tim Howard is all for Everton picking up Landon Donovan. Steve Davis spells out why Everton could really use Landon right now.

- Devo has some tidbits on the upcoming Rhinos combine.

- Dear Mr. Torres: Dos-Cero

- Michael Bradley only plays for the USMNT because his dad is the head coach. Uh huh.........

- I wonder how long it is before there are Jurgen Klinsmann to the NY Red Bulls rumors?

- What will Vegas set as the over/under for the number of times Ruud Gullit slams MLS during World Cup broadcasts?

- This shot of Joey Saputo holding the Olympic torch is just calling out for a caption contest.

- If you didn't see Maynor Figueroa's goal versus Stoke City on Saturday morning, you have to check it out.

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