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The big USL/NASL/US Soccer meeting took place over the weekend and the much hoped for resolution of the whole situation didn't happen.

US Soccer did ask both leagues to provide them more information by Wednesday, so perhaps the hope that something might happen this week isn't completely dead.

With the clock ticking, I wonder what the NASL feels is the drop dead date after which they will not be able to get a season to start on time?

Granted, they have to be working a lot of things right now, but there has to be a time after which the launch of the league slips.

More importantly, I hope that the US Soccer Federation has a feeling for when the NASL feels that they need things resolved and they work to get things sorted out well before that time.

Regardless of whether you think the NASL leadership is heading down the correct path or not, this has to get sorted out as soon as possible for the overall health of pro soccer in this country.

Pushing things out and not getting a direction and moving forward is not going to be healthy.

News & Notes:

- The Rhinos will be having a player combine during the first week of January.

- The NY Red Bulls have finally announced that Erik Soler is the new GM & Sporting Director. 

- I am disappointed to read that Richie Williams is out of the DC United head coaching picture.

- No Short Corners has the English takes on the World Cup draw.

- No Short Corners and NBC Sports have their own gut reaction to the draw.

- ESPN has unveiled their studio lineup for the World Cup. Six people seems kind of cluttered to me.

- Rumors have the US playing Honduras and Northern Ireland in international friendlies.

- I wonder if John Ball uses this method to stay healthy?

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