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I don't know whether I should be disappointed or not with US Soccer giving Bob Bradley a four year extension.

I'd love to know if Sunil Gulati talked to Jurgen Klinsmann. I'd love to know if the US Soccer brass really considered any other candidates.

Did they talk about Steve Nicol, whom Sunil Gulati works with in New England?

Did they talk about other MLS coaches like Jason Kreis, Dominic Kinnear, or Peter Novak?

Personally, I wouldn't mind a different voice for the next four years. But, I also think that US Soccer could have done a lot worse than Bob Bradley. And the big foreign names that some fans want would be on my list of guys that I wouldn't want to see get the job.

News & Notes:

- The object in the mirror is closer than it appears. I do like the playoff standings page that is now on the USSF D2 Pro League site.

- The NSC Minnesota Stars may not survive to see the 2011 season. I wonder if a team in San Antonio will be in the mix for next season?

- Abby Wambach's brace led the Washington Freedom to a 2-1 win over the weekend.

- Thierry Henry now has as many league goals for NY as Rafa Marquez.

- Grant Wahl should have skipped #1 on his list of 10 things from over the weekend.

- DaMarcus Beasley to Hannover is a done deal.

- Freddy Adu is staying with Aris in Greece.

- The USA 10 Kit wonders why Benny Feilhaber isn't getting more interest on the transfer market.

- It will be intesterting to see if CONCACAF does change the qualification process for the 2014 World Cup.

- Landon Donovan admitted that his agent has been contacted by the folks at Dancing with the Stars and there was a report that says that he'd be on the show. Alas, it was not to be. I wouldn't have watched either way.

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