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The reaction to Abby's broken leg continues to pour in.

I loved Grant Wahl's take on the situation that Abby only knows one speed and there is no way that she can "play it safe".

It was the same take that Devo had when he was interviewed on Channel 13 last night and talked about the situation.

Only time will tell what this injury means for her career, but I'm going to make a prediction - She'll be the WPS MVP in 2009.

News & Notes:

- Jeff's gameday article in today's D&C says that the Rhinos are extremely beat up heading into tonight's match in Seattle. Ross Smith and T-Bone Bonseu may both be out, leaving Alfonso Loera to team up with Scott Palguta in central defense. The midfield may have even bigger issues as Johnny Menyongar, Ze Roberto, and Tiger Fitzpatrick may miss tonight's game. Somehow, I'm not going to be surprised if they are still looking for their first road win of the season in Minnesota on Sunday.

- US has the official list of the players on the US Men's Soccer team heading to the Olympics. Grant Wahl breaks down the roster that includes Brian McBride, Freddy Adu, Michael Bradley, and Jozy Altidore.

- Last night's MLS Game of the Week on ESPN was a crazy 3-3 tie between KC and Columbus. The Wizards are glad to have Josh Wolff back as he tied the match after entering at halftime.

- Abel Xavier has been given the boot and Carlos Ruiz could be next in LA. Why is Alexei Lalas still running things out there?

- Aston Villa could have an American 1-2 punch in goal after adding Brad Guzan as they are close to getting Brad Friedel as well.

- has a nice article up about the need to push soccerin the US more. One thing I've been wondering lately is what happened to the buzz with the USWNT and what needs to happen to get it back?

- If I were a bookie, I'd make the over/under on total goals in tonight's Miami FC-Montreal Game of the Week at 1/2. I wonder how many people would take the over on that one?

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