Devo's Direct Kicks

Devo has an article in today's D&C about Scott Palguta heading to Colorado.

It doesn't appear that it's a done deal yet, but things don't look good for the Rhinos on the eve of camp opening up.

Hey, is that Scott half cut off of the left side or is he just starting out on the right hand ladder of this picture?

Back to the Rhinos, I wonder if David Stokes is still available since the RailHawks aren't bringing him back? Another option might be trying to find another left back/left outside midfield player and going with the trio of Bertz, Sancho, and Nurse as central defense.

Or they could see what Josh Bolton is up to. Or talk to Craig Demmin about the player/assistant coach opening...........

Just saying.

News & Notes:

- The Beckham Backlash continues with CNN calling it a wake up call for MLS, Andrea Canales saying the joke's on the Galaxy at , and the NY Times Soccer Blog looks forward to Becks the owner.......

- The Miami Herald says that Miami FC will find out it's fate this week. This post at the Total Futbol blog at the Herald's website doesn't have me keeping my hopes up. Hey, who do they have signed along the backline and left side of midfield?

- Another Algarve Cup match, another clean sheet for the USWNT. Up next: Sweden on Wednesday for the Algarve Cup title.

- Someone get Sam a bib. Heather Mitts has answered 11 questions at US

- Landon Donovan answers fan questions on his website about his time with Bayern.

- You have to love this news. Even Canada is beating Mexico 2-0 now!

- Soccer is saying that MLS has a debilitating credibility gap. I do think that MLS needs their clubs to perform better in the CCL and other non-MLS competitions like the SuperLiga and Open Cup.

- It was an uneven news day with regards to expansion to Portland. Here is one piece asking who will really pay the freight ,  one piece saying the stadium deal is close , another saying a deal has been reached, but ........, and finally a really bad pun.

- If you think you can run an MLS club, maybe you should send your resume FC Dallas' way.

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