Devo's Direct Kicks

The home of the Rhinos will remain Marina Auto Stadium for at least 2010.

Apparently the length and dollars of the contract are still being worked.

On the business side, I wonder how suite sales are going and when the schedule will get released.

Hopefully the schedule is out soon and the suite sales are going well.

News & Notes:

- DaMarcus Beasley needs a new ride after his car was torched in Glasgow. What is wrong with these people? At least Run DMB doesn't seem to be taking this too hard.

- Jonathan Bornstein's boots raised over $1700 for Haiti and he called the winner to congratulate him.

- Jonathan also spent some time taking pictures recently.

- Peter Wilt has a Q&A with AC St Louis' Jeff Cooper at Pitch Invasion.

- I have to say amen to this rant about FC team names in the US by Dan Loney at Big Soccer.

- If you think you have a busy schedule, check out what USWNT forward & UCLA senior Lauren Cheney was up to recently.

- It looks like the Portland Timbers may have gotten over the final hurdle to get PGE Park renovated for their jump to MLS in 2011.

- Speaking of schedules, MLS released their 2010 schedule yesterday.

- Here is a cool look at the adventures of owning a PDL team.

- Vancouver has signed Blake Wagner, formerly of FC Dallas.

- Ryan Knapp wonders where soccer would be without internet forums and message boards.

- With Aztex Amber Ale being unveiled, when Rohrbach's coming out with a Rhinos themed beer?

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