2 centsEveryone is putting their two cents out there on the Bob Bradley contract extension:

Brian Straus @ Fanhouse

Kyle McCarthy @ Goal.com

Frank Dell'Appa @ Boston.com

Paul Kennedy @ Soccer America

Martin Rogers @ Yahoo!

Brooks Peck @ Dirty Tackle blog on Yahoo!

Noah Davis @ The USA 10 Kit

George Vecsey @ NY Times

Grant Wahl @ SI.com

Then there was the press conference with Bradley and Sunil Gulati and the reactions to that:

Brian Straus @ Fanhouse

Unprofessional Foul

One of my favorite pieces is this one from David Hirshey @ ESPN.com.

And I wonder how fun the Landon Donovan and Bob Bradley meeting will go after that headline.....

News & Notes:

- Portland has a jersey sponsor and Vancouver has a head coach for 2011. And here is an update on the progress at BC Place.

- SBI.net lays out why fans will hate what CONCACAF is doing and Greg Seltzer is already there.

- The 24th Minute & Inside Minnesota Soccer look at the USSF D2/NASL clubs that are on thin ice for 2011.

- Inside Minnesota Soccer also has a nice breakdown of how the USSF D2 playoffs will work.

- DC United was not happy with the ref in their 2-1 AET loss to Columbus in the USOC Semifinals. Columbus will have to travel to Seattle for the final.

- MLS has Episodes one , two , and three up of a series called Real Road Trip. I really like what MLS's web team has been up to since the re-launch of the site and adding all the cool new columns and content like what goes up on Youtube.

- I always thought that LA & MLS would value Landon Donovan more than a European club would. And a $16 million price tag sounds about like what I would expect LA & MLS to ask for.

- The news that Columbus is scouting locations for a stadium to replace Crew Stadium has me dreaming about replacing MAS with a stadium somewhere like Henrietta near the thruway exit.

- And this interview with Seattle's athletic development coach Dave Tenney was really interesting. Along with way over my head in spots.

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