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Montreal Impact.com - Pizzolitto and Pesoli re-sign

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Montreal has a tighter timeframe with CONCACAF Champions League matches in February, but their off season is in full gear with the re-signing of Nevio Pizzolitto and Stefano Pesoli on defense, the paching of Edy Sebrango and Stephen DeRoux and with talks that they will also add Fabrice Noel.

It will be interesting to see if this causes any other clubs, especially Puerto Rico, to move faster on some moves that they would normally be more patient with?

Rival leagues and teams leaving the USL

Another off season means it's time for more rumors about teams potentially leaving the USL 1st Division.

For the past year or so, there have been all sorts of rumors of an MLS2 league that people are predicting should MLS grow to the point that FIFA would mandate a promotion-relegation system.

Then there were the rumorsabout an indoor-outdoor league with formation of the Xtreme Soccer Xperience.

Personally, I think the MLS2 theory has more legs. But, I also think that will take a few more years to develop as MLS has to figure out how to make an MLS1-MLS2 set up work for all the owner-operators that have sunk tons of money into MLS already.

More on Landon Donovan and his Bayern Munich trial

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Goal.com - Waldo's take

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There isn't any real news, just more people with their takes on the situation including Eric Wynalda who basically says that Germany may not be the best landing spot for Donovan.

Personally, I think Spain, Portugal, or France would be a better fit....

News & Notes:

- The Portland Timbers are adding a PDL team in 2009, so I don't see them bailing on the USL 1st Division right now.

- The LA Galaxy have signed their first player from their youth development program in Tristan Bowen.

- USA Today has a cool piece on Frankie Hejduk and Columbus Crew fans ahead of tonight's Eastern Conference Final between the Crew and the Chicago Fire. The Chicago Tribune looks at the Blanco v Barros Schelotto.

- TIAS.com has an interview with new Goal.com US editor Andrea Canales.

- Diego Maradona is thinking about quitting already! Awesome..............

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