So, my interwebs hook up at the house is down until at least Tuesday. So, here is a dump of links before I get kicked off the WiFi action here in parts unknown.

Gold Cup - US-Mexico tomorrow night

- WVHooligan rips a Rocky quote for this post title. Gotta like that.

- Dan Loney with a little USA pride.

- Inside Minnesota , , Soccer America , have their US-Mexico previews up.

- Unprofessional Foul looks at Freddy Adu after his contribution on the goal against Panama.

- , Dirty Tackle , No Short Corners , & The USA 10 Kit also look at Freddy.

- The USA 10 Kit is over having LD coming off the bench and they have some love for Bedoya.

- MLS Insider looks at the "Bench Boys" and their impact on the Panama game.

- The Free Beer Movement has a pump up video for those that like to get ticked off before a game to fire themselves up.

- JOB & Josh Wolff talk the US-Mexico rivalry.

- The Free Beer Movement has a photo essay from the US-Panama Semifinal.

- Here are the US-Panama recaps from SBI.netYanks Abroad , US Soccer Daily , The USA 10 Kit , MLS Talk , The Fullback Files , The American Outlaws , The Shin Guardian , & No Short Corners .

- Here are the US player ratings from US-Panama from Soccer America , Soccer Insider , No Short Corners , & The USA 10 Kit .

- Here are the US-Panama highlights.

- Here is the Fox Soccer trailer for the US-Mexico Gold Cup Final.

- It's the one year anniversary of Landon Donovan's epic World Cup goal versus Algeria.

- Here is another USMNT Behind The Crest video . I love this series.

Women's World Cup is on tap for this weekend

- If you haven't seen the new Sportscenter ad featuring Abby Wambach, here you go.

- Here is a look at the USWNT's midfield by The Shin Guardian.

- All White Kit has today's notables a few days before the WWC kicks off. Here is yesterday's notables , as well.

- The Free Beer Movement has their WWC preview up.

- Alex Morgan was paired up with A-Rod in the US USWNT player profile videos.

- Christine Sinclair is happy that the World Cup is almost here.

- ESPNW has their 10 players to watch at the WWC & their 5 things to watch .

- ESPNW has a post from Caroline Seger as Team Sweden travels to the WWC.

- The USWNT blog has the Pressure Makes Us Nike ad.

- The USA 10 Kit previews Team USA.

- Here is the USWNT's first edition of Behind the Crest.

- Here is the Studio 90 coverage of the USWNT touching down in Dresden.

- Here is the ESPN profile of Hope Solo.

- The Pressure Makes Us video series looks at the treadmill fitness testing the team took part in.

- All White Kit breaks down the roster of all 16 World Cup teams.

Rochester soccer knowledge

- I don't want to jinx it, but the Rhinos will host the USOC Quarterfinal match versus the FCNY-NY Red Bulls winner should they get past the Chicago Fire on Tuesday night.

- Devo looks at the Rhinos getting past Harrisburg to face Chicago and the "Defend Rochester" theme heading into the next two games.

- In a related note, Chicago is struggling offensively heading into the match.

- Michael Tanke looks at an age old tradition and an Off Day for the Rhinos players.

News & Notes:

- Unprofessional Foul looks at the issue of women's rights to play soccer in Muslim countries.

- MLS has some cool new chalkboard stuff to track what players do in games.

- I love Jeff at Equalizer Soccer , but why wouldn't WPS want a team saying that they are planning on having a league to play on beyond 2011?

- The 24th Minute , MLS Talk , KCKRS , The Free Beer Movement ,  and The Sons of Ben have support for The Fort in their issues with the Revs brass.

- Run DMB is taking his talents to Peubla.

- The MLS All Star jersey might be a top 10 ugliest soccer jersey of all time.

- KCKRS looks at stats in soccer. Personally, I like it. But, I'm an engineer.....

- Alexi Lalas is writing about MLS for The Mirror. Is that a sign of the growing respect for American soccer? I think so.

- Inside Minnesota has news on Tony McManus retiring after being released by Tampa Bay and the Rowdies trying to cut another player before the NASL said that they couldn't do it.

- Check out what Orlando City's Jamie Watson likes to cook.

- Round 2 of the USOC pretty much held to form.

- I will never tire of players watching matches with fans.

- KCKRS takes in Red Bull Arena.

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