Mayor Duffy has sent the lease agreement with Rob Clark's Adirondack Sports Club over to City Council and it looks like it will be on their docket on April 15th.

Hopefully this is a rubber stamp affair and there are now 13th hour hurdles to overcome.

Plus, with the $500,000 line of credit that ASC has to maintain, I doubt there are too many other items that the Council would want to safeguard the city.

But, we shall see........

News & Notes:

- Beckham and Donovan set each other up for goals in LA's 2-0 win over the San Jose EQuakes v2.0 last night. It will be interesting to see if LA can play like that against a more established club moving forward.

- What's worse than Beckham showing up trumping what really happens at an LA Galaxy game? How about Kobe Bryant watching the game being the big lead photo after an LA win........

- Chicago thumped an already injury riddled New England squad last night. The Fire had a 4-0 walkover win in their 2008 home opener and they look lethal with Blanco and the new import up top in Tomasz Frankowski. Perhaps they need to get a banner that reads something like "If this Fire House is rocking , don't come knocking".

- US's Center Circle has 11 questions with USWNT star Heather O'Reilly.

- The MLS salaries list for 2008 is out. And Steven Goff has his bargains and head scratchers.

- Chris Ballard at has another little blog posting on Billy Beane bringing Moneyball to MLS. But, after last night's debut, I'm not sure how much credit Beane wants to take for the Equakes.

- Tomorrow's edition of Kick This! is going to be packed. We are scheduled to have Rhinos head coach Darren Tilley on at the top of the show, Rhinos executive Vice President Matthew Ford in the 2nd segment, and Rhinos defender Scott Palguta in the final segment. The hour is going to fly by!

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