The rumor is that Landon Donovan's new four year deal with MLS will bump his salary from less than $1 million per year to north of $2 million per year.

This also sets the stage for the long awaited loan to Everton.

The interesting part is that not too many people had this being the reason for the press conference yesterday.

News & Notes:

- DC United are getting turned down more than me in high school. Perhaps they need to follow Peter Wilt's lead....

- The USMNT will take on the Dutch in March.

- Inside Minnesota Soccer.com has a couple of NASL vs USL articles up. I think the interesting part is that the NASC's Minnesota team is listed as non-affiliated.

- The Extra Time blooper reel is pretty funny.

- Is it me, or does this sound like the plot to a really bad movie?

- Is Run DMB back? Or was that just lightning striking once?

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