Apparently Alexi Lalas wants to bring in a "sexy" head coach as he attempts to replace Frank Yallop who has left LA to take over the expansion San Jose Earthquakes in 2008.

When will people in charge of running certain MLS franchises (LA & NY in particular) learn that the sexy pick isn't always the right pick?

For Beckham's sake, I hope Lalas figures this out sooner as opposed to later.

Other news and notes on Yallop and Arena moving on:

Luis Bueno talks about how Yallop leaving LA for SJ shouldn't surprise anyone.

Ridge Mahoney at Soccer America looks at the failures of both Arena in NY and Yallop in LA.

Clemente Lisi at US Soccer talks about how Bruce Arena was the wrong choice with the Red Bulls. Personally, I'm stunned at how things ended in NY. And the whole instant gratification thing was a joke to me. If the requirement to keep the job in NY is to have made a huge leap from a partial season to a lone full season, then the Red Bulls will continue on their treadmill to mediocrity that they have been on their entire existance.

Michael Lewis at Big Apple talks about how the Red Bull players never saw this one coming. The interesting thing to me is how Yallop's move and Arena's move were handled in very different manners.

Other News & Notes:

- Chivas USA head man Preki has been named the Coach of the Year and Toronto FC midfielder Maurice Edu has been named the rookie of the year by MLS .

- Toronto FC head coach Mo Johnston has headed to Brazil in search of a #9 and a #10 for his club as they look forward to their second season in MLS. I wonder if Mo will be able to sign a Designated Player in 2008?

- has a couple of articles ahead of the Vancouver-LA friendly featuring a certain #23. Shouldn't the top 25 things about Beckham really be a top 23?

- Bobby Boswell sucks up to the home fans in his latest blog entry.

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