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There were questions about wether Jozy Altidore was fit enough to go 90 minutes.

Well, since he got a hat trick (and could have had another goal or two, easy), I think the question was answered!

So now the US sees themselves alone at the top of the CONCACAF Qualifying stadings with 7 pts through 3 matches.

They certainly haven't wrapped things up by any stretch. But, everyone must be feeling a lot better than they were on Sunday morning.

News & Notes:

- DaMarcus Beasley doesn't seem too upset by starting at left back last evening. And since he gotthree assists, I dobt Landon Donovan is upset by starting at left midfield.

- Devo has a report on the Rhinos versus the Maryland Terps. Tai Atieno and Johnny Menyongar scored for the Rhinos and defender Yomby William is on trial with the team.

- The Rhinos have a commercial for the upcoming season.

- Chivas USA is trying to help out their fans that are trying to get in shape for swimsuit weather. 

- I don't know which result is funnier: Bolivia 6 - Argentina 1 or Honduras 3 - Mexico 1?

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