DraftWith the MLS SuperDraft coming up this month, I figured that I'd throw out some of the better stuff that have surfaced lately.

Goal.com has a piece on how Generation adidas players have impacted MLS.

Speaking of Generation adidas, MLS has released the list of this year's 9 Gen adidas players that includes a trio from the national champion Maryland Terps.

SBI.net takes a look at the Gen adidas class. No doubt the fact that these guys don't count against the cap will mean that they are hot commodities at the draft.


- This report out of Chicago says that Blanco is close to a new deal with the Fire. 

- Speaking of DPs, here is a report about NY talking to Juan Pablo Angel, along with Dave van den Bergh. I hope Angel sticks around beyond 2009.

- Say it ain't so, Piotr. Say it ain't so!

- The latest rumor out of Seattle is that they will add Costa Rican defender Roy Miller on loan.

- It appears that Juan Sebastian Veron is trying to kill any MLS rumors. Either that, or he's trying to get an MLS team to up an offer.......

- SBI.net has a post on how Mo Johnston and Toronto FC are ready to wheel and deal at the draft. That probably shouldn't fall into the rumor bucket!

- Let the Marta to LA Sol rumors ramp up!

News & Notes:

- This just in: Lionel Messi is siiiiiiiick!

- Apparently the group in Philly is still trying to move forward with the stadium. Although, they seem to be pushing back the time table for naming the team.

- Michael Lewis has a nice piece about 10 big names and 10 questions for 2009. 

- Here is another article about the hope for an MLS expansion team in Miami. I'll believe that Miami can be a good sports town when I see it.

- Luis Bueno takes a look at what 2009 could have in store for Landon Donovan, Maurice Edu, Chad Marshall, and Ante Razov.

- The Touchline blog says that they need an MLS Network. Ummmm, isn't GolTV and FSC enough?

- Global Futbol.com has a cool interview with Bobby Boswell.

- MLSNet.com has a piece up about Beckham's debut with AC Milan.

- Santino Quaranta talks to DC's blog after re-upping with the club.

- DC also re-signed Marc Burch.

- Ridge Mahoney's latest at SI.com takes a look at the busy 2009 for the USMNT.

- US Soccer.com also has a cool little video up with the USMNT back in camp.

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