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Could you have expected much more from Landon Donovan's Everton debut than you got? 

He was in the starting XI, he had an impact on Everton's goal, he was dangerous going forward from his right outside midfield spot, and reviews were generally glowing afterward.

Given that he had been training with the club for less than a week, the impact that Donovan had was even more impressive, IMO.

Add in that Everton was playing on the road at an Arsenal club that was looking to move within a point of Chelsea with a win and the effort looks even better.

The only downside was that the game wasn't on ESPN2 or FSC!

As for Andrea Canales' query about Landon Donovan blazing a trail for Americans to England, I think the question is flawed. It's not like Landon Donovan is the first American field player in the EPL. And some might argue that he isn't even the best American field player in the EPL today given Clint Dempsey's work at Fulham.

To me, all the questions to be answered by Landon Donovan's time with Everton will be limited Landon Donovan's career and how he impacts the USMNT at the World Cup later this year. And that is more than enough for me.

News & Notes:

- Inside Minnesota Soccer has the new NASL logo. While I like the fact that it doesn't have a soccer ball, it's rather boring to me.

- Check out TriSoccerFan's twitter feed from some NASL tidbits such as the schedule should be out this week.

- The Carolina RailHawks website says that the NASL website will be unveiled this week.

- The Austin Aztex blog has a new post on their views of the 2010 season being on.

- I hope the people within the NASL that want to move to the international calendar read this first.

- Inside Minnesota Soccer also has coverage from Thursday's press conference regarding the new D2 team in Minnesota along with an announcement on a stakeholders summit for the club.

- Does Obama really need MLS?

- I can't disagree with who the Free Beer Movement is buying some frosty ones for today.

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