NY2008 is upon us and I'm as worried as ever.

Steve Donner had hoped to announce the new investor for the Rhinos prior to end of 2007 and that did not come to pass.

So while I had been optimistic that Steve and company would be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat, the silence right now is worrying me.

And if you want a reason to panic, there is an anonymous poster at Devo's blog that says the new investor is backing out and that the Rhinos will fold this week.

I doubt that they'll pull the plug that quickly.

But maybe that's just my optimistic side coming out.............

News & Notes:

- Ives Galarcep has launched Soccer By Ives.net today. Personally, I'd love to see an American Soccer "SuperSite" with Ives, Steven Goff, Grant Wahl, Adam Spangler, Ray Hudson, Jeff Bradley, Michael Lewis, Tino Palace, Glenn Davis, Luis Bueno, Andrea Canales, Luis Arroyave, and others come together and put out a soccer site to end all soccer sites.

- US Soccer is busy with the USWNT, USMNT, and the US U-23 MNT are all in camp. With the Olympics and 2010 World Cup qualifying starting up in 2008, US Soccer will once again have a busy, busy year.

- Apparently USMNT and KC Wizards defender Jimmy Conrad not only can play soccer, is a media darling, but he also knows how to take care of his money.

- Gotta love the soccer stadium hate starting up in KC. The good news is that it looks like this attempt to stall the building of a new home for the Wizards will fail.

- Real Salt Lake is looking for a naming rights sponsor for their new stadium.

- New England Revolution midfielder Andy Dorman looks like his hope to move to Europe will happen soon as he is reportedly on the verge of moving to Scottish club St Mirren on a free transfer. This is the type of move that I would have expected Troy Perkins to make.

- Hartwick College's Steven Amaya has a pretty cool look back on his freshman season at This Is American Soccer.com.

- Martin Rogers at Yahoo! Sports has his New Years Resolutions for 2008. Did he break his first resolution by writing about it as his first resolution?

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