Kick AroundI'm feeling lazy today, so here are some headlines from around teh soccer world:

- MLS has rolled out the 2008 schedule. Now everyone can start up the pool as to the last regular season game that Reyna or Beckham will play in!

- Former MLS MVP Christian Gomez is to be introduced as the newest member of the Colorado Rapids today. The last line of Steven Goff's blog posting said it all for me.

- Why does Real Salt Lake get their own First XI column? Shouldn't Houston get one over RSL?

- The Toronto Globe & Mail has an article on new Toronto FC head coach John Carver. It will be very interesting to see how quickly MLS' biggest surprise off the field in 2007 does on the field n 2008.

- There are some really good games on TV this weekend. It will be fun to see two bald Yanks face off at 10am tomorrow!

- US Soccer is looking at 6 current and future MLS cities when picking the locations for their 3 potential home matches in the semifinal round of CONCACAF Qualifying for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

- Fabio Cappello may be ticking off the British media, but his team did win his debut 2-1 over the Swiss.

- And if you think that the Rhinos owe a lot of money, check out how leveraged Liverpool is right now.

- Who knows who we'll have on tomorrow's show. The gameplan right now is to have Coach Calloway and perhaps Keeney Bertz on the show. BUt, Sam could change everything.........

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