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Spend a few minutes to read the latest post at Pitch Invasion by Chicago Red Stars CEO Peter Wilt.

It is really, really good.

TOA & MLS(2)???

The Kartik Report

Football in Miami and Beyond

While this latest nugget on the TOA situation will likely get a lot of internet play, I can't believe that MLS will seriosuly consider a promotion/relegation situation.

Current and future members of MLS have invested way too much money to risk dropping from MLS to a 2nd division.

And I can't see teams paying a full MLS share to join a 2nd division.

It will also be interesting to see how seriously MLS considers joining forces with USL breakaway teams. The fact that Vancouver and Montreal are a part of the group will help gets Don Garber's ear. But, I can also see MLS not wanting to take on the problems involved with running a 2nd division right now.

I'm sure the MLS brass have their hands full with things like the CBA talks, their TV deals, getting a stadium for DC United, attendance issues in the markets that have seen 25%+ decreases in 2009 and other issues.

News & Notes:

- Puerto Rico was able to play Cruz Azul to a crazy 3-3 draw last night. Here are the Youtube highlights.

- DC was able to get a 1-0 CCL win over San Juan Jabloteh thanks to a Christian Gomez PK. And once again, Youtube has the highlights.

- Yanks Abroad talks about the Jermaine Jones injury while MLS Talk ponders whether he even has a future with the USMNT. I thought that was a given the way that so many USMNT supporters were slobbering over the news that he was making the switch to repping the Red, White, and Blue.

- Does Mr. White want to stay in Chicago beyond this season after all?

- Mourinho on Capello . Feel the love!

- For the stat heads, the Pro Zone Analysis for USMNT v El Salvador and v T&T are up at US

- Ives Galarcep takes his shot at which 23 players look to be heading to the 2010 World Cup for the US.

- Apparently DeRo isn't buying rumors that TFC will have natural grass at BMO Field in 2010 until he sees it.

- Drew Carey made an appearance on the Late Late Show. And you know that they had to talk a little footie.

- WPS had their expansion draft for Philly and Atlanta yesterday.

- The chief at Chelsea is going to step down? No way.....

- Grant Wahl chats with Tim Howard and Tim doesn't say that John Wolyniec is the best striker he's ever played against? No way!

- Lee Nguyen is training with Arsenal per Yanks Abroad.

- I can't wait for the Dorothy jokes for Daniel Hernandez after this article at

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