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So, Dan Williams is finally "On the record" as saying that he is indeed the mystery investor that the Rhinos have been working with recently to solve their financial woes.

Glass half full - Yahoo! Donner wasn't completely full of it!

Glass half empty - So? Call me when the deal is done and the team starts signing quality players for the rapidly approaching 2008 season

Williams says that the talks are active, but that a deal isn't imminent

Glass half full - The deal isn't dead yet despite all the recent bad news and lawsuits!

Glass half empty - How long does it take to get a deal done, especially with the season set to open in a few months?

Williams says that he is looking around at a variety of deals in a variety of markets

Glass half full - What other market has an almost completed stadium and a fanbase like Rochester?

Glass half empty - Why would anyone want to buy a franchise that is so obviously broken?

Williams says that he doesn't want to get involved with the politics and just wants to get a deal done

Glass half full - This project has been a political mess since the beginning and it's about time that someone tries to put that stuff to the side and get something done!

Glass half empty - This project has been a political mess since the beginning and that may end up scaring Williams away as the City tries to control things as much as they can since they are the pass through for the $4 million from NY State and could control PAETEC Park in the event that the Rhinos fold.

In the end, I just want this thing to play out quickly as the Rhinos 2008 opener is just a little over three months away. I hope that PAETEC Park isn't dark in 2008. But, if that's to happen, a deal needs to gets done rather quickly.

As Williams has shown in his failed bid to takeover Blackburn Rovers, he isn't afraid to walk away from a deal if the numbers don't look good. And how good can the numbers look with regards to the Rhinos and PAETEC Park right now?

News & Notes:

- The USMNT 2008 jerseys have been unveiled and I'm not jumping for joy. I do think that the "Don't tread on me" on the inside of the collar is a neat little add on.........

- Steven Goff has a piece in today's Washington Post on DC United's DP, Marcelo Gallardo. In opting to sign Gallardo to a DP contract instead of a former MLS MVP in Christian Gomez, United is rolling the dice a bit.

- The Houston Dynamo have signed former Vancouver Whitecaps goalkeeper Tony Caig to a four year deal. Caig will back up Pat Onstad this season. But, with a four year deal in place, the Dynamo appear to be setting Caig up to replace Onstad whenever he decides to retire. Although, perhaps Pat will play for 4 or 5 more seasons!

- Steven Goff's blog also has some tidbits on where the DC United stadium saga is at today.

- Andrew Dixon at US Soccer Players.com feels that MLS should scout Africa as heavily as they have South America. And this is especially timely since the African Cup of Nations is in full swing.

- SBI.net is reporting that Danny Szetela is on the move again. Racing de Santander has sent the young American to Brescia of Serie B in Italy on loan. Since the loan has an option to buy in it, this move could become permanent should the former member of the Columbus Crew impress the Italian club.

- SBI.net is reporting that Richie Williams will stay on as an assistant coach with the Red Bulls.

- The Kansas City Star has an article on the changes that the Wizards roster have gone through this offseason. At least they still have Jimmy Conrad to market to local fans!

- And finally, SBI.net is reporting that local product Brian Bliss will soon be named the technical director of the Columbus Crew. I wonder if he is a coach in waiting should the club pull the trigger on Sigi Schmid?

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