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The latest on the Rob Clark deal to take over the Rhinos and PAETEC Park is that he is still working to come to an agreement with the City of Rochester with regards to a lease.

One thing that I'm wondering about is the claim that PAETEC Park is located within an Empire Zone.

Based on the map from the City of Rochester's own website, it doesn't appear that PAETEC Park is located within an Empire Zone.

Although, with the Kleen Brite site and businesses located within a stone's throw of PAETEC Park, perhaps the map just needs to be updated.

I am hoping that is the case as I could see that being a major barrier to a deal getting done as Rob Clark would likely need to pay property taxes on PAETEC Park if it isn't located within an Empire Zone.

I haven't heard that this is a stumbling block with the talks between Rob Clark and the City. But, with this story and all the twists and turns, you never know.

News & Notes

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- Speaking of Olympic Qualifying, you have to feel for the Cuban team who started their last game with 10 men. They did hold on for 69 minutes before losing 2-0 to Honduras.

- Here is another report on West Ham United being the opponent in the MLS All-Star Game.

- Is MLS really failing in their mission? I wouldn't go that far.

- Toronto FC tries to spin things with regards to not giving 500 tickets to Section 8, the Chicago Fire Supporters Group.

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