FoolsThe best April Fool's Day soccer article I've found so far builds on the news that Hugo Sanchez has been fired by the Mexican federation. had this story up about Sanchez's replacement. While most saw that ending coming, I like the try!

Devo's take on yesterday's training session:

Devo's Direct Kicks

Devo has the scoop on why Jason Perry and Hamed Diallo have yet to practice with the team.

Other News & Notes:

- Jimmy Conrad may be my favorite player in MLS. More evidence can be found in this Q&A at USA The take on Jim Rome is worth the time it takes to read the article!

- If you want breakdowns of Week 1 in MLS, here are some places to go:,, LA, Big Apple (Red Bulls stuff), Big Apple (MLS in general stuff), Soccer, and This Is American .

- Here is a good article by the Toronto Star on TFC fans invading Columbus. It's too bad that the fan support was far better than the play on the field by Toronto FC. Perhaps Laurent Robert is the answer........

- For those that are wondering when Nate Craft (Detroit), John Ball (Chicago), and Rey Martinez (Baltimore) will be released from their MISL teams, you can check this post at Although,with Rey's left foot injury, his indoor season may be complete already and it will be a matter of how quickly he heals.

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