kotterAfter being out on vacation and missing time due to "personal reasons", I am back. I've been gone so long that Rafa Marquez has made his NY debut and Clint Mathis has retired from LA. The Rhinos even have a new Executive VP in Bob Russell that will be running things day to day. Seattle added a new DP.

While I was out the Rhinos had another 1-0 win, this time at home over Portland. Looking at the table, the Rhinos might have a hard time catching Austin for 1st place in the USL Conference, but they should be able to hold on to the 3rd seed.

I just hope NSC Minnesota finishes 6th and not Puerto Rico. Montreal would be a fun match up from a rivalry point of view.

Devo has some Youtube footage of the Rhinos visiting Camp Good Days & Special Times. 

News & Notes:

- It will be interesting to see how these changes to the standards for 2nd Division teams affect the Rhinos. The soccer specific stadium requirement won't affect Rochester. But, the $750,000 cash bond and the talk about a $20 to $25 million net worth of the owner could. Also, I wonder how many markets could play 2nd division soccer if these are the standards.

- Vincenzo Bernardo is off to Serie D club Nola.

- This is a cool Portland Timbers MLS ad.

- I also like Nike's follow up to the "Thank You" ad that will be played during the US-Brazil game tomorrow night.

- Hamilton Ontario & Detroit may be looking to add pro soccer teams.

- I really hope that MLS doesn't go to Atlanta. I might be able to live with MLS taking it's talents to South Beach over Atlanta.

- Would they change the team name from DC United to Baltimore United if this happens?

- Vancouver has one up on Portland before they even play a single MLS game.

- Steve Davis talks about the NY-Chicago DP Bowl.

- If Jozy Altidore wants to get loaned out from Villareal to Besiktas, that's not a bad way to showcase himself.

- Former Rhino Daniel Antunez bagged a double in Europa League qualifying.

- I guess Ronaldinho no longer means "Little Ronaldo".

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