If you had a bad weekend, I'd suggest reading how Brazilian forward Ronaldo's weekend went.

I would suggest that you swallow any liquids prior to clicking the above link as I do not want to be held responsible for any monitor or PC damage that is caused by the unplanned projection of liquids.

And it's a good thing that the Red Bulls didn't sign the guy. That isn't legal in New York. Just ask Eliot Spitzer!

News & Notes:

- I have yet to find a link for an online version of the ad, but Abby Wambach is featured in a TV ad for the Dodge Journey that depicts the USWNT going on aroad trip to Brazil to challenge them to a rematch after the 4-0 Brazil win in the World Cup last year.

- Greg Lalas' latest over at talks all about how TFC is 3-0 with Amado Guevara in the lineup.

I wonder if Preki is more annoyed with Landon Donovan or how Guevera has reinvented himself north of the border?

-'s recap of the weekend's action made me look at the standings to see if it was real: Does Columbus really have the best record in MLS?

I don't know what is more shocking, that fact, that TFC actually has a winning record at 3-2-0, or that Houston is struggling so mightily this season?

- This Is American's latest edition of The Barometer takes a very interesting look at MLS and the New York market. So many people of power seem to think that leagues need to have a foothold in major markets. But, is it better to be in strong markets as opposed to large ones? I mean, the NFL has a team in Green Bay, Wisconsin and doesn't have on in LA and they seem to be doing OK.......

- Toronto FC had a cool work around when a transit strike shut down TTC street car service to BMO Field.

- If Colorado's Kelly Gray were running MLS, he'd get rid of the single entity system. I'd expect every player to have that take.

- Brazil is going to play a couple of friendlies in the states and Iran may be coming here to train.

- Steven Goff has an interview with USMNT head coach Bob Bradley where he talks a lot about the youth development system that Dave Sarachan is the Director of Scouting for.

It's going to be really interesting to see how this change in player development works for US Soccer moving forward.

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