AnonymousAn anonymous poster over at Devo's Direct Kicks is claiming that the new investor isn't coming aboard and that the Rhinos will fold within the week.

I emailed Rhinos CEO Steve Donner and he assured me that there is no truth to these claims and that they hope to close the investment within the next ten days.

I sure hope this closes soon so that we can focus on issues like the Rhinos roster heading into the 2008 season........

News & Notes:

- The Figo to MLS rumor mill has been stoked again by Soccer by Ives and the Sideline Views blog in LA. Although, Steven Goff at the Washington Post has already said that it's not true according to his sources.

I know a lot of people already feel that LA gets away with salary cap stretches. I'd love to see what people thought about a deal that adds Figo to a team with Beckham and Donovan.

- Soccer by Ives has another juicy rumor: Bruce Arena to Chicago. Who would be getting the better end of an Arena for Osorio "trade"? Personally, I think that Arena would be getting the better of the deals for the coaches.

- Former Real Salt Lake GM Steve Pastorino has been given a column by the Salt Lake Tribune. I'd love to see Pat Ercoli get a soccer column in the D&C!

- This is another one of those articles that has to hurt Rhinos fans with MLS dreams.........

- Apparently the Carolina RailHawks haven't gotten every player that they've wanted this offseason.

- The Bald Yank has gotten a contract extension with Reading FC.

- Could a player that didn't see the field for DC United in 2007 be making the jump to Europe? Bryan Arguez, whom Rochester fans saw at PAETEC Park with the US U-20 national team, is going to try out with Hertha Berlin in Germany.

- Martin Rogers and Michael Lewis both have their players to watch in 2008. I really wish that people would forego the obvious ones (any Designated Player) and go with more youngsters like Burse and Findley. Although, Lewis throwing Altidore on his list is a lay up too.....

- But you have to love Michael Lewis' Mikey Awards for 2007. That's some good stuff!

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