hump dayI'm feeling lazy today, so here is the latest from around the soccer world:

The Portland to MLS drama drags on

- Blue Oregon cracks on Wall Street about the Portland MLS bid.

- Portland's mayor is still pushing for the deal to happen.

- The Oregonian Editorial Board has the title Nowheresville USA in their last op-ed about the deal...... 

- The Portland Tribune has a piece about today's big vote as well.

- For the latest from the meeting, here is the live blog.

- I love articles like this that make it sound like a done deal.........

- From Seattle's viewpoint, Portland and Vancouver are so close the fans can taste it.

- Ives Galarcep has his two cents on decision day in Portland.

As the LA Galaxy turns

- Ridge Mahoney's latest at looks at the silver lining of the Beckham deal. There is a silver lining?!?!?!?!?

- Nick Green has a great letter to Galaxy fans that the LA brass should have written. Classic stuff!

- Alexi Lalas is predicted that LA fans will boo Beckham upon his return. The upside there is that there will still be people in the stands to boo him, I guess.

- Nick Green also covers the return of Landon Donovan to SoCal.

- As does the LA Times , the Galaxy's blog , and the AP via

News & Notes:

- If you were wondering about the 2009 Rhinos season ticket pricing, here is a pdf version of the flyer.

- The St Louis bid for an expansion team just got a shot in the arm today with Anheuser-Busch joining the bid. 

- MLS Talk has two rounds of Good Buy/Bad Buy out of the way. Here is the DP breakdown and here is the midsalaried player one.

- Two more assistant referees in MLS? Interesting....

- MLS has a fan code and a pledge to the fans.

- The NY Red Bulls have signed defender Albert Celades. With clubs like Barca and Real Madrid on the resume, you better be good.

- The US U-20s have qualified for the World Cup.

- DC's Kevin Payne asks for help. But, the Washington Post doesn't seem to be in a helping mood....

- DC has added goalkeeper Josh Wicks in a trade from LA. I guess that means that Louis Crayton's injury was really bad.

- Tony Caig has resurfaced across the pond.

- It looks like Eugene Melnyk hasn't given up on his bid to get Ottawa into MLS.

- Maradona has some explaining to do......

- The Portland Timbers have added Alex Nimo on loan from Real Salt Lake.

- Freddie Ljungberg has attended Seattle practice, but he looks doubtful for their season opener next Thursday.

- Should this give me hope?

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