Devo's Direct Kicks

Cleveland City - Scoresheet

The Rhinos couldn't have hoped for more than they got Friday night in Cleveland.

Win? Check

Fewer Cards? Check (Atieno's first half caution was the lone Rhinos card)

No new injuries? Check

Get rest for some key guys? Check (Vallow, Salles, and Gregor all got the night off)

Get Ze Roberto's feet wet? Check (He checked in at the 88 minute mark)

Next up: Saturday afternoon in Montreal.

Standings & Stats:

The Rhinos are now tied with Puerto Rico for third in the USL 1st Division standings with seven points in four games played. If you look at the standings based on points per game played, the Rhinos are still in third place and trail Puerto Rico and Carolina.

Johnny Menyongar is now tied for the league lead with six points and three goals.

News & Notes:

- It became official late on Friday when this press release was posted to USL Doug Miller is the owner of the Rochester Ravens of the USL's W-League. If you are interested in playing for the Ravens this season, email the coaches here.

- Abby is catching some heat for a foul on Daniela from St. Louis yesterday. I've seen worse fouls (namely a two footed change onn Danny Earls on Friday) not even warrent a card.........

- OK, this annoys me. But it is kind of funny that MLS is making money off of this via SUM.

- The proposed soccer stadium in Houston looks nice. Really nice.

- Kasey Keller DJ. The Rhinos should do this. 

- From the PDL to the EPL? has the details of this cool story.

- Who knew Don Garber was on Twitter?

- Chris Seitz put up two clean sheets during his two game loan to Portland over the weekend. I bet they are wishing that they could get him for the rest of the season!

- I've got two guests already confirmed for Saturday: Rhinos defender/assistant coach Brent Sancho and Mauro Biello of the Impact.

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