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323 minutes.

That is how long it's been since the Rhinos have scored a goal in league play after back-to-back scoreless efforts at home and getting shut out in Charleston in the final game of the opening eight game road trip.

Some people called Saturday night's scoreless draw with Minnesota boring. Personally, I would say the match was frustrating, but not boring.

When Johnny Menyongar finds the woodwork twice in the final 5 to 10 minutes, Minnesota gets a goal called back on an offsides call, and both teams had a few other glorious chances that they couldn't finish, then I'm not bored.

That said, this team does need to start finishing ASAP. While the league season isn't lost due to the three game scoreless drought, they could get their US Open Cup dreams dashed quickly if they are unable to finish against the Pittsburgh Riverhounds tomorrow night at Marina Auto Stadium.

Tomorrow night could have a pretty quirky outcome. If the Rhinos and Cleveland City Stars both win their first round Open Cup matches, they will then have a home and home series with Cleveland hosting Rochester in league play on Saturday and Rochester hosting Cleveland in the second round of the Open Cup a week from tomorrow.

US had their first comeback qualifying win in 24 years on Saturday night

- The last time the US came back to win a World Cup qualifier was all the way back in 1985 versus T&T per US Soccer.com.

- If you missed the match and are looking for the highlights, the USMNT Blog has you covered.

- Jonah Freedman at SI.com has the five things he's learned after the last two WCQs.

- I love the title of this article! Carlos had guts sticking his face in there for the winning goal.

- Meanwhile, John Ryan with the San Jose Mercury News is worried.

- Personally, I have to agree with this take.

- Along with this take.

Basically, it was a gutsy win on Saturday and a god aweful performance in Costa Rica on Wednesday. Now lets see what happens at the Confederations Cup!

News & Notes:

- Perhaps it isn't too late to move Dallas to Rochester. I mean, the Rhinos did outdraw FC Dallas this weekend! And FC Dallas is only averaging 282 more people per match than the Rhinos.....

- It's good to see the Rhinos aren't the only ones......

- It will be interesting to see if this new FIFA ruling will expand the USMNT pool.

- The Sounders are having an issue finding a home for their band.

- Is Setanta Sports on it's last legs?

- Beckham isn't on a list of 10 players that the Philadelphia Union should acquire? No way!!!

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